Important Information About Refining Fire Fellowship

Welcome to Refining Fire Fellowship

Refining Fire Fellowship started back in 2008 in Fayetteville, NC, when a few families were tired of all of the apostate American "churches" around them. Not being able to join or submit to, in good conscience, any of the local "churches" in that area, they sought the Lord about: meeting together, having someone teach through the Bible, praying together, singing together, eating together and spending the whole day together. Now, that's true fellowship! Not just 1-2 hours once a week, but the whole day together and truly knowing each other intimately! Many different families would come and go in that first year, when it came to being a part of the fellowship in NC, but it was always lively and always good fellowship.

Eventually, two of the main families moved to Kentucky, under the Lord's leading. Soon other families began to join the fellowship, in ways that could only be the Lord's leading. New Christians, unable to find solid, Biblical fellowship in their area, moved to join the fellowship. We are still small (comparatively speaking), but we strive to go deep with the Lord. And as we go deeper with Lord, we trust that He will lead more of the remnant to us. Whoever the Lord wills to join us, we are willing to receive. We don't concern ourselves, necessarily, with "numbers", but with being faithful. We'd love to have hundreds or thousands join us, but in this apostate world, that is often a sign that something is wrong. I mean, who REALLY wants to live completely Holy and take the Gospel to the streets amid opposition? Only the "few", that's who!

So, we continue to be "good soldiers of Jesus Christ" in this daily battle against sin, the flesh and the world. We strive to have Biblical doctrine and sound theology in all things, being teachable and open to changing our positions. We strive to love and serve each other in all humility and forgiveness. We strive to be holy in thought, word and deed. We strive to preach the whole counsel of God to as many lost sinners as possible. We strive to stand up for and live for the Lord, no matter the cost to us. We strive to raise our families in the fear and admonition of the Lord. We strive to stay in that "Refiner's Fire" as a Fellowship, until the Lord returns, being changed from glory to glory. This is who we are. We are "Refining Fire Fellowship".